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For Bungalows,Cabins, Cottages and more. I make decorative tiles for Craftsman Bungalows, fireplaces, kitchen and bath. I chose the muted colors and natural motifs to enhance your restoration project or new contemperary construction. These tiles work equally well in cabins, cottages, and modern homes or anywhere people enjoy handmade craftsmanship and nature motifs.


Tile made by a person- not an impersonal company.

You might notice that this website isn't all slick like the big companies. You are right. But you stopped to look, and that says something about you. I'm a woman, making tiles out in my rural Oregon studio. You won't find my tiles in stores. You will discover that if you email me I will answer. You will see that I'm not making "reproductions". There are other people who do that. My tiles are original, and each one is a little different, like me...and you.

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Handmade Tile for Fireplace, Kitchen



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